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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year From Rainforest Adventures

New Year’s Eve is a reason to smile, to forget the troubles of the past, to be optimistic for the future, and more prominently, to put up a grand welcome to the New Year. The year 2011 has ended and it’s time for another year of adventures in our lives.

There are lots of speculations about what will happen in the year 2012, including the horrible prediction from scientists that there is a possibility that the world is about to end, backed-up by the Mayan calendar completing the 5,125 year cycle stating that the “end of days” for the earth will arrive by the year end. However, let us forget them for the moment and dump all of our worries. Instead, we should plan for a wonderful party for the celebration of the New Year, and hope for a prosperous year to come.


Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic celebrates the New Year with a big dance in San Jose’s Parque Central.

In Costa Rica, people celebrate the New Year spending quality time with their close friends and families, letting themselves relax while they celebrate the festive spirit of the holiday. Most of the time, they prefer to have private celebrations in their houses more than spending time to party hard. There are also others that choose to party on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. New Year is a time when natives like to spend, travel, and celebrate. In fact, hotels and resorts at this time are mostly fully-booked with hardly any vacant rooms left.

There are certain New Year’s Eve traditions that are significant in Costa Rica, such as the following:
  1. New Year’s Eve is a time for putting some extra efforts. Women of the make sure that their house gets into an absolute clean state at the time of the arrival of New Year, and thus, they put in adequate time to sweep every bit of a dust out and away. Traditionally, it symbolizes for sweeping the past evils and bad lucks, and welcoming good luck and optimism in the house.
  2. There are many others who throw water contained in a pan over the shoulders, with a belief that it will leave behind all hard and bitter memories of the past, with the arrival of New Year.
  3. Wearing yellow confers one with good luck in the coming year, while wearing red underwear confers one with a love partner in the coming year.
  4. If one wish to travel in the coming year, then there is a tradition of walking two times around one’s house or walk down the neighborhood street with luggage in hand, on New Year’s Eve.
  5. There is a widely observed tradition of eating twelve grapes on the midnight of New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica. Each grape is considered to represent for as month of the coming year.
  6. With the clock turning twelve, everyone cheers and wishes all those present around. There is a tradition of singing the traditional song of ‘Ano Vejo’ on the occasion, the lyrics of which talk about all what past year left in life.
Source: New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica


In Jamaica, New Year’s Eve is a one big and extended celebration, and everyone is willing to become part of it. Most people make visits to the beautiful mountains and beaches of Jamaica, including the Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios where Rainforest Adventures eco-park is located. The celebration does not only end with the departure of the New Year’s Eve because it lasts for the entire month of January. With the unique style of celebrations and the ever smiling faces of the natives, Jamaica draws people from all over the world during the New Year.

There is also an old tradition of cleaning the house and decorating it with flowers, plants, trees, and handicrafts. Aside from this, the people also make sure to complete the renovation works and that the walls are painted a little time before the arrival of the day of New Year’s Eve. All the streets and buildings are also illuminated with lights and glittering decorative items. People greet all their friends, old and new, as well as all the members of the extended family. They all send out best wishes for the coming year.

Source: New Year’s Eve in Jamaica


St. Lucia welcomes the New Year with pomp and gaiety. A number of other festivals and activities follow once the New Year celebrations are through. It is customary for locals and visitors to find a number of things to do for the New Year celebration. Including in the activities is the Assou Square, a New Year’s Day and New Year’s Holiday Celebration party. The 2012 Assou Square activities will be held along the John Compton highway from the evening of Saturday 31st December to Tuesday 3rd January 2012.

Source: Assou Square 2012


Dominica has a grand and astounding New Year celebration every year. The fun-loving people make preparations for this event with great pomp and show. New dresses are a must on the New Year. Lip smacking food is prepared in every household of Dominica at the arrival of the New Year. Lights, streamers and dazzling fireworks are a major part of the New Year decorations. All the famous pubs, discs and restaurants of Dominica are beautified and special offers are announced on this occasion.

In fact this is the time when one can enjoy a luxurious stay at the lavish hotels of the country at affordable prices. To attract travelers during this peak season the hotel owners design special packages to suit the needs of all kinds if travelers. The major tourist destinations of Dominica remain full of local as well as foreign travelers during this time. The entire country plunges into festivities and different cultural activities are also organized for entertainment purposes.

Source: New Year in Dominica

Rainforest Adventures greet everyone a Happy New Year! May you all have a prosperous year this 2012! If you plan to have an excursion and adventure with mother nature, book your tickets with us online now!

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