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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Relaxing Honeymoon in Costa Rica Yet Full of Adventures

Plan your Honeymoon in Costa Rica
Being married is a very important event in one's life, for this is the moment when you take vows with your most beloved person in the very sacred sacrament. In fact, wedding ceremonies are the most highlighted moment of most couples in their entire life, and the celebration even goes beyond the honeymoon: it does not just stop at the receptions where greetings and good food are shared among close friends, relatives, and visitors who witnessed this life-turning event.

Planning Your Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Being considered as one of the top destinations in the world to go for honeymoon, newlyweds can find great romantic memories and unforgettable adventures and experiences in Costa Rica. In planning your honeymoon, you may come up with a question, what kind of bonding would you prefer to have with your partner? Would you like to have a fully-relaxing vacation for a week, or a thrilling adventure that would keep your adrenaline running? Choosing a package of 24/7 relaxation is a good choice, but you might be interested in having an adventure-filled honeymoon in Costa Rica. And the third options is that you can have them both, a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure!

Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Love Nest Honeymoon Package
Rainforest Lodge

The jungle of Costa Rica is a fun place to start with. Together with Parador Hotel and Resort, Rainforest Adventures in the Atlantic-side offers the Costa Rica Love Nest Honeymoon Package, which was featured by Destination I Do Magazine in their blog post, "Honeymoon in Costa Rica: The Perfect Balance of Adventure & Relaxation". This package includes:

Whether you prefer to have a relaxing, luxurious spa environment, or whether you are the type that wants to have some action adventures and physical activities, you can find them all in Costa Rica.

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