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Monday, August 6, 2012

Families Flock to Wildlife and Nature-inspired Outdoor Adventure Parks

Rainforest Nature Parks and Excursions
While the annual family vacation is a time-honoured tradition, many families are moving away from traditional theme park destinations and focusing on more nature-inspired outdoor adventure parks.

In 2012, the Adventure Travel News reported in their 2012 Travel Trends report that there is a trend towards soft adventure and participation in more active outdoor recreation, including hiking or viewing of wildlife.

“Our trending research has shown that family vacations with a focus on soft adventure are on the rise,” says Nicole Petrak with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). “Families want to ensure that they have active, experience-driven outdoor interactions that educate on the importance of the environment and our association with it.” For more information on the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s 2012 Travel Trends report, visit 2012 At a Glance: Travel Trends by Region ».

We are so pleased to hear the ATTA confirm what we have known for years! Families living in urban cities don’t have many opportunities to interact with wildlife and nature. They want an immersive outdoor experience, where every member of the family can learn a whole new appreciation of the magic within every rainforest. We deliver nature, in spades.

When a family visits one of our parks, our hope is that they leave with a stronger appreciation of how important rainforest preservation is!

Annika Bratt,
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Rainforest Adventures

Rainforest Adventures, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Panama, St Lucia

Some say Rainforest Adventures was the first company to show that a forest left standing will have more sustainable value than when it is cut down. Since the first park opened offering Costa Rica rainforest tours in 1994, Rainforest Adventures has created adrenaline-inducing natural parks with a strong focus education and preservation of each park's natural assets in popular tourism areas like Costa Rica (both Pacific and Atlantic), St Lucia, and Jamaica. Rainforest Adventures also has Panama tours which offer excursions and adventures.

Rainforest Aerial Tram

The company combines unique rainforest adventures such as tram rides, adventures like the Jamaica bobsled and St. Lucia zip lines with multi-lingual naturalist guides. The goal is to ensure each visit is an educational as well as adventurous rainforest experience. Every Rainforest Adventures location is also a wildlife and wilderness refuge and there is a commitment to providing jobs to local community members and reinvesting back into the local region.

We make the rainforest accessible for everybody. Book a discounted tour on the coolest destinations in Central America and the Caribbean for you to enjoy the unique rainforest excursion experience and eco adventure. Get a 10% discount on all ticket purchases if you buy tickets online now!

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