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Monday, September 17, 2012

Arthur Wagner: Best Panama Shore Tour Guide

Our Panama shore excursions guide, Arthur Wagner wins the prestigious Guide of the Year award!

RFA Panama Excursion Tour Guides
We always knew we had an amazing staff at our parks but it sure feels nice to get recognized. Arthur Wagner has been awarded the Princess Cruise lines award for Guide of the Year for 2012, and he has won it for the past three years in a row!

We have been offering Panama canal zone tours for Princess Cruise lines for a long time now and have always enjoyed it when their guests participate in our shore activities. Most of our tours are quite laid back, but tours led by Arthur have a whole different feel!

Panama Shore Excursions
Panama Canal Tours
“Drop and give me 20!” is one of the favorite phrases our tour guide uses. If you think this seems like odd behavior for a guide then you are absolutely right; Arthur is no average guide. Having served in the US military, stationed in Panama in 1990, Arthur brings a unique perspective to guiding canal zone tours that complements his local knowledge. “We have lots of veterans on our tours and I think one of the reasons Arthur keeps winning this award is because people can relate to him. Our guests love his over the top personality, sense of humor and his ability to teach unique points gathered from his years of experience.” Says Henry Josephs, director of operations for Panama Excursions.

We are very proud of Arthur for winning his third consecutive guide of the year award! Congrats Arthur!

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