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Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Have you ever gone bobsledding? Was it in a forest? We don't think so. Rated on TripAdvisor as one of the top attractions in Ocho Rios Jamaica, come and experience the exhilarating bobsled ride down Jamaica's famed Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios. At Rainforest Adventures, we include the SkyExplorer ride, canopy zip lines, Mystic Waterslide and infinity edge pool and more for your amazing rain forest excursion. Enjoy a spectacular lunch at our restaurant overlooking the bay of Ocho Rios.

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St. Lucia Rainforest Excursions

Get an unparalleled St. Lucia vacation tour at Rainforest Adventures. Learn more about the rain forest aboard the rainforest aerial tram, combined with tranopy zip line tours for the best way to discover the rainforest. Try our famous Adreanaline and the AdrenaLUNA - the most exciting zip lines in the Caribbean. Trek through the hiking trails while you go bird watching and more!

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Costa Rica Atlantic, close to the Limon and San Jose Areas

Take a travel to Costa Rica and have a tour to Rainforest Adventures park and find great experiences and exciting attractions and things to do in Costa Rica's Atlantic side. From the first-ever aerial tram built over an expansive private nature reserve on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. Complete with exotic birds’ flight path, and thrilling zip line tours. Awardwinning bird watching attracts bird enthusiasts from all around the world.

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Costa Rica Pacific Park, close to Jaco Beach

Come travel to Costa Rica and have an exciting park excursion at Rainforest Adventures in the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Enjoy the natural wonders of our ecotourism on the most enticing of all the Costa Rica Pacific attractions and excursions. Ride the rainforest aerial tram, or for an up-close and personal adventure try our thrilling zip line tour. Marvel the wonderful species of birds with our Costa Rica bird watching tours and take a look at different species of snakes and reptiles in the Serpentarium.

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Panama Excursions - Panama Canal and City Tours

Come travel to Panama, a country where the concept of exotic begins in its name in our Indigenous language, Abundance of... fish and butterflies; and it's true, as visitors will quickly discover for themselves. Youll find an abundance of wildlife in Panamas many national parks, an abundance of white sand beaches, hundreds of islands, more banks and shops than you would have dreamed possible, the Panama Canal, the rich history of Panama City, and of course, a fantastic quantity of fresh seafood, including fish.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Rainforest Adventures Scream Season Photo Contest

Rainforest Adventures Scream Season Photo Contest
The Scream Season is here. Have you visited Rainforest Adventures already? Does our canopy zip line tour make you scream? Do you have photos to prove it? Show us the best scream that you have, submit your zip lining photos you took from one of our park locations, and have a chance to win an Apple iPad 3!

Your Assignment: Take a photo at Rainforest Adventures that shows the best screams while doing the zip line tour. It may be the picture of yourself, or anyone in your friends or families. You may enter as many photos as you like. The deadline for submission of photos is on the 30th of September, 2012. You can submit the best pictures you have on our Facebook page. Invite your family and friends to vote on the photos that you had submitted. Voting is open until the 5th of October, 2012.

Apple iPad 3

You can check out the Costa Rica zip lines either in our Atlantic or Pacific park, as well as our zip line in Jamaica and in St. Lucia.

For more information, visit this page: Rainforest Adventures Scream Season Photo Contest »

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Rainforest Aerial Trams in Costa Rica Atlantic is First in the Tourism Industry to be Carbon Neutral

Rainforest Adventures in Costa Rica Atlantic was featured in page 63 of the June/July 2012 issue of the Andar de Viaje magazine, featuring the Carbon Neutral Certification of the park, being the first in the Tourism Industry in Costa Rica.
“Carbon neutral means that – through a transparent process of calculating emissions, reducing those emissions and offsetting residual emissions – net carbon emissions equal zero”.
Eugenia Solano (General Manager, Rainforest Aerial Tram Costa Rica Atlantic) and Luis Castillo Diego (Operations Manager) holding the Carbon Neutral Certification.
The Carbon Neutral certification was presented to Eugenia Solano, General Manager of Rainforest Aerial Tram in Costa Rica Atlantic and Luis Castillo Diego, Operations Manager of the Atlantic park.

Rainforest Aerial Trams began operations 18 years ago in Costa Rica. Since then it has offered its visitors a great experience to learn and experience nature in the 475-hectare eco-park, using the aerial trams and the canopy to explore more about the rainforest.

In 2012, Rainforest Aerial Trams near Limon and San Jose areas becomes the first company in the tourism sector in Costa Rica to be certified as Carbon Neutral, which is granted by the Carbon Unit of the Earth.

Rainforest Aerial Tram, Costa Rica Atlantic
Tourists riding the Aerial Tram on top of the rainforest canopy in Costa Rica Atlantic.
Rainforest Adventures has 3 other parks in this category; one is the Costa Rica Pacific rainforest tours near Jaco Beach which is currently in the process of obtaining certification also. The other 2 are in St. Lucia and in Jamaica Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The Costa Rica Atlantic park is the first within the corporation to obtain this certification.

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Rainforest Adventures Supports Jamaica Youth Advancement Program

Max Patchen, general manager of Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain Jamaica, expresses the support of the park to the Youth Advancement Program in Jamaica. Proud to support the local community, Rainforest Adventures is an ecotourism park providing fun things to do in Jamaica.
Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain Jamaica
“Rainforest Adventures is proud to support the Youth Advancement Program, an education program for at risk male youth in Jamaica.

The Youth Advancement Program was started in 2007 as a way to encourage at risk male youth to pursue an education and career. YAP was started by the Returnees for Youth, a voluntary organization, based in the parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary. Founded on the pillars of trust, honesty and respect the students are given a trades-based education that they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Each student receives training in behaviour change and communication, literacy and numeracy. These core skills will stay with the students for life and assist them achieving their new found career goals. Many of the students are able to secure work through their six week preliminary placement time. During this period each student is able to try six different trades and find the one that fits them the best. The Youth Advancement Program not only teaches students life skills but builds confidence, responsibility and awareness of their history and culture. We are proud of these young men for committing to the program and entering the workforce. Congratulations!”

Providing the best Jamaica excursions, Rainforest Adventures also features adrenaline-inducing parks located in Costa Rica (both Pacific and Atlantic) and in Saint Lucia. Each location serves as ecotourism attractions as well as wildlife and wilderness refuges. Since 1994, the company has been combining unique rainforest canopy tours (such as tram rides, bobsleds and zip lines), with exceptional, multi-lingual naturalist guides, giving each guest an educational, adventurous, and sustainable rainforest excursion. With the newest addition of the tour operations of Panama Excursions, Rainforest Adventures provides an unforgettable experience for tourists.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Maiden Voyage Rides Aerial Tram Through the Treetops of the Costa Rican Rainforest

Emily Starbuck Crone of the Maiden Voyage Travel Blog rides the Costa Rica Atlantic Aerial Tram

Emily Starbuck Crone of the Maiden Voyage Travel Blog was awarded the Gift of Happiness - an initiative by the Costa Rican Tourism Board which is a seven-night trip to the country with nearly all expenses paid. She went on the tour from May 10-17, 2012. And she was happy to share her incredible experience of riding our aerial tram through the treetops of the Costa Rican rainforest on the second day of their tour.

Small Costa Rican Viper
From the outskirts of San Jose, they took around a two-hour drive to the Braulio Carrillo National Park. The winding roads took them through soaring mountains covered in greenery with clouds hovering so close. They stopped to ride the Costa Rica Atlantic Aerial Tram at Rainforest Adventures, which takes just over an hour and sends you on a round-trip through the heart of the jungle. Upon their arrival, the locals showed a small poisonous viper and a large stinging fly that was so powerful, “it can make a cow jump”. And they were thankful they left without any bites or stings.

Then they boarded the open-air tram, which Emily commented to be much like a gondola. The tram holds about six people plus a guide, and since it was a quiet day, there were just two of them, and the tour guide which she described as an older man with a long professional background in biology, and being able to tell them about nearly every plant species and creature they encountered. Emily also added that he was incredibly friendly, and his passion for nature was inspiring. And she also complemented that nearly every local treasured Costa Rica’s rich environment.
Toucan in Costa Rica
The aerial tram ride covers 2.6 kilometers of rainforest, but it only goes two kilometers an hour, so it’s a nice, slow ride. The first half of the ride is just below the canopy, and the return ride is at the treetops, giving you astounding views. The only sounds were the songs of birds and howler monkeys. While I’m a city girl, there was something so calming about this tranquil place. When I asked how they built this without harming nature, they said the poles and equipment was brought in my helicopter to cause as little damage as possible. Costa Rica is so diligent about protecting areas like this. We passed by some of the plants so closely that our guide was able to pluck a few leaves for us and teach us about their medicinal properties. Many of the plants were bizarre and unlike anything I had ever seen. There were vines long and strong enough that locals use them as ropes.
Check out her blog post for more photos of the journey: Riding Through the Treetops of the Costa Rican Rainforest
“If you’re in the area, I highly recommend taking the ride. It’s $55 for adults, and $27.50 for students and children. You can save 10% if you book online.”

“The ride was so beautiful and made me feel very connected with nature. Have you ever taken a trip like this before?”
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The Today Show at Mystic Mountain Bobsleds, Jamaica

Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe from NBC.
Last weekend it was our pleasure to host Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe from the weekend Today Show on NBC. They had an extremely busy schedule as there are so many things to do in Jamaica!

Jenna and Lester were both in Jamaica to reconnect with their Jamaican heritage (which we might be able to see on TV soon!). Although these two NBC news anchors both live in Manhattan, they have roots in Jamaica that has brought them back. Lester’s grandparents are from Jamaica and Jenna was born in Kingston.

Among the different Jamaican tours they were able to participate in this weekend, Lester and Jenna took a ride on the Mystic Mountain Bobsled track.

From the picture it sure looks like Jenna has a need for speed! Although we know Lester loved the ride, he couldn’t resist posting to twitter:
“Last time EVER that I let @JennaWolfe drive!”.
If you and your family were on the Mystic Mountain Bobsled, which spot would you want to be sitting in? I think I would have to take the back so I could duck out of the way! Let us know your preference in the comments.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Special Discounts for Sky Explorer and Tranopy Tour in Mystic Mountain Jamaica

At Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures Jamaica the skies are not limited in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th!

For a limited time only, special prices on the Sky Explorer and Tranopy Tour. (Please note that this promotion is not available for cruise passengers)

Jamaica Sky Explorer
The famous tourist attraction in Ocho Rios invites visitors to join in the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence by offering value pricing up to 50 per cent off on their popular Sky Explorer and Tranopy tour.

50 percent off Sky Explorer Tour

Until Aug.31, 2012, the park is offering all visitors 50 per cent off the Sky Explorer tour (normally $46.20 USD). A state-of-the-art chairlift, Sky Explorer, whisks visitors from the park entrance, 700 feet (213 metres) through the treetops of the park’s tropical seaside rainforest, to the peak of Mystic Mountain. At the top, visitors can enjoy scenic views of Dunn’s River Falls or explore the educational displays about the history and culture of Jamaica and its people.

Jamaica Zip Line Tranopy Tour
Zip Line Tranopy Tour
50 percent off Tranopy Tour Excursion package

For the week of Aug. 1 to 7, 2012, the park will give all visitors to the park 50 per cent off Tranopy Tour Excursion, the most popular tour package (normally $137.50 USD). The Tranopy Tour Excursion includes three tours within the park, including the Sky Explorer, bobsled and zipline.

The bobsled tour is a unique ride, inspired by the famous Jamaican Olympic bobsled team, that sends visitors whooshing down a 3,281-foot-long (1,000 metre) track safely strapped into a custom-designed, high-tech sled that is driven by gravity. Visitors control the sled’s speed with a handbrake, allowing them to slow down and smile for a commemorative photo.

The zip line tour allows adventurous visitors to glide through the treetop canopy along five cables – averaging nearly 328 feet in length (100 metres) – and seven platforms, to complete a 33 foot (10 metre) vertical rappel and to walk across an 82-foot-long (25 metre) suspension bridge.

All visitors to Rainforest Adventures have access to the Mystic Pavilion, including the infinity edge pool and Mystic Waterslide, perched on the edge of the mountain, boasting panoramic views of Ocho Rios. The waterslide is a 77 metre-long stainless steel chute guaranteeing an exhilarating ride. The Mystic Pavilion also features displays and memorabilia celebrating Jamaica’s renowned culture, history and great moments in sports, and the promotion of environmental awareness and conservation of its natural resources and the rainforests. The Mystic Lookout Tower, located next to the Mystic Pavilion, offers a 360 degree view of the North Coast; Caribbean Sea and Mountains.

Butterfly Attraction Garden
Have a soft spot for some of nature’s most colourful and winged species? If so, drop by either the butterfly garden (a spot designed to attract these insects in non-enclosed setting) or the hummingbird garden (a place for visitors to see and learn about Jamaica’s national bird in a natural setting).

Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures Jamaica amenities include the Mystic Dining at 700 feet, a restaurant serving a contemporary Caribbean menu with classic favourites; an information centre, the Mystic Treasure gift shop, restrooms and ample parking.

For more information on Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures Jamaica, visit

Monday, July 9, 2012

Vote Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica for the Prevue Visionary Award

It’s an honour just to be nominated.

We’re excited to announce that Rainforest Adventures (Costa Rica) has been nominated for a Prevue Visionary Award!

Prevue’s 1st Annual Visionary Awards celebrate the vision and innovation in the global meeting and incentive industry. The Visionary Awards feature destination and supplier nominees from around the world chosen by Prevue’s editors. Winners are decided by the meeting and incentive planning community and the public at large, with three special Pillar awards (ROI Vision, ROE Vision and Experiential Creativity) chosen from among all nominees by our judges panel of prestigious planners and industry executives.

Winners are decided by the meeting and incentive planning community and the public at large – which means our supporters can get involved! Rainforest Adventures is one of three nominees in the category: International DMCs (Destination Marketing Commissions), along with two other amazing organizations.

Although it’s an honour just to be nominated, it’s much more fun to win knowing that our supporters voted for us! This is where we could use your help! Voting for Rainforest Adventures is just a simple click on our page! Voting closes on Aug. 1, 2012!

Vote for us here »

At Rainforest Adventures, we provide more than Costa Rica canopy tours; we provide experiences that show the importance of protecting and preserving the rainforest.

Group activities range from our Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica park, which can include theme activities and parties; the Rainforest Encounter, where actors dress up as animals that can be found in the rainforest; a Treasure Hunt, where groups can flow through the park answering questions as they go; and the Eco Pass tour, a package which includes the aerial tram, zip lining and canopy tours.

Friday, July 6, 2012

AdrenaLUNA in St. Lucia - One of the World's Coolest Zip Lines

AdrenaLUNA Zip Line at Night

Lit by the moon - we do it in the NIGHT!

“The rainforest at night, the thrill, the sounds, the moon .... just awesome!”

AdrenaLUNA zip line tour is not for the faint of heart. While zip lining is nowadays a very popular activity in the Caribbean, AdrenaLUNA at Rainforest Adventures in St. Lucia offers a new way to add excitement to the already exhilarating activity.

AdrenaLUNA is considered as one of the world's coolest zip lines by Travel and Leisure. What makes this tour one of the coolest is the special treat of having a chance to explore the rainforest at night under the light of the moon. This night tour starts with a short walk through a peaceful part of the forest, then a launch off the eagle's claw, so named for the grip of the root system that has consumed the volcanic boulder.

With lights put on the helmets, the guests then scramble across the ravine below via the Floating Steps that delivers them to the first zip line platform. Then get hitched up to a series of cables and zip from platform to platform high up in the forest. Lit by the moon, they go out on a limb and take the leap onto the rope web below then swing like Tarzan.

Ensuring that the adrenaline keeps on rushing while in this night activity, a brisk hike to the next set of platforms will juice things up a bit before the zip line guides hook the guests onto the line with descenders. This enables them to rappel safely or with a thrill to base camp.

Lit by the moon – we do it in the NIGHT!

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