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Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Have you ever gone bobsledding? Was it in a forest? We don't think so. Rated on TripAdvisor as one of the top attractions in Ocho Rios Jamaica, come and experience the exhilarating bobsled ride down Jamaica's famed Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios. At Rainforest Adventures, we include the SkyExplorer ride, canopy zip lines, Mystic Waterslide and infinity edge pool and more for your amazing rain forest excursion. Enjoy a spectacular lunch at our restaurant overlooking the bay of Ocho Rios.

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St. Lucia Rainforest Excursions

Get an unparalleled St. Lucia vacation tour at Rainforest Adventures. Learn more about the rain forest aboard the rainforest aerial tram, combined with tranopy zip line tours for the best way to discover the rainforest. Try our famous Adreanaline and the AdrenaLUNA - the most exciting zip lines in the Caribbean. Trek through the hiking trails while you go bird watching and more!

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Costa Rica Atlantic, close to the Limon and San Jose Areas

Take a travel to Costa Rica and have a tour to Rainforest Adventures park and find great experiences and exciting attractions and things to do in Costa Rica's Atlantic side. From the first-ever aerial tram built over an expansive private nature reserve on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. Complete with exotic birds’ flight path, and thrilling zip line tours. Awardwinning bird watching attracts bird enthusiasts from all around the world.

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Costa Rica Pacific Park, close to Jaco Beach

Come travel to Costa Rica and have an exciting park excursion at Rainforest Adventures in the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Enjoy the natural wonders of our ecotourism on the most enticing of all the Costa Rica Pacific attractions and excursions. Ride the rainforest aerial tram, or for an up-close and personal adventure try our thrilling zip line tour. Marvel the wonderful species of birds with our Costa Rica bird watching tours and take a look at different species of snakes and reptiles in the Serpentarium.

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Panama Excursions - Panama Canal and City Tours

Come travel to Panama, a country where the concept of exotic begins in its name in our Indigenous language, Abundance of... fish and butterflies; and it's true, as visitors will quickly discover for themselves. Youll find an abundance of wildlife in Panamas many national parks, an abundance of white sand beaches, hundreds of islands, more banks and shops than you would have dreamed possible, the Panama Canal, the rich history of Panama City, and of course, a fantastic quantity of fresh seafood, including fish.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Top Lodging and Accomodation in Guápiles, Costa Rica

Rainforest Lodge near San Jose, Costa Rica

You like us, you really like us! We received great news today – our Costa Rica rainforest cottages in our Atlantic park have been named the top bed and breakfast in Guápiles on TripAdvisor. We already knew that these little casitas were a hit with those looking for an affordable Costa Rican jungle stay and experience but we are pretty happy to have our guests say so too.

To be fair, our bungalows aren’t really in the traditional bed and breakfast category. And we have struggled with a description that helps guests know what to expect: it’s not a hotel and it’s not a bed and breakfast – maybe if you were searching on Google, you might look for a unique hotel near San Jose, Costa Rica?

Each bungalow is a stand-alone little cabin with its own bathroom. Breakfast is in the main lodge in an open (but covered) deck with the rainforest all around you. The real benefit is not only getting to stay in the park to enjoy our Costa Rica attractions like the aerial tram and zip lining but also going on a jungle hike at night to see all the nocturnal wildlife stays safely hidden during the day. Then you walk up a short path to snuggle down to sleep in your cozy cabin. You’ll be tired after all the activity but lights are out at 8:30 pm so you’ll get plenty of sleep!

The real joy of these little cabins is sleeping in the rainforest and going on a morning bird watching trek followed by café con leche in our cafe. This is a once in a lifetime, bucket list thing to do. It is amazing. The sounds are incredible. Where else can you hear cicadas and wake up to see a tapir near your cabin? It really happens! See below to view a video of a Costa Rican wildlife adventure at the Rainforest Adventure cabins, taken by a guest who was greeted with a tapir outside the bungalow. Listen to the sounds.

Click here to see the Tripadvisor review of our Costa Rica cabin »

Our Atlantic park can also accommodate groups as a special San Jose Costa Rica event venue in the park for activities and for overnight stays.

About Rainforest Adventures

Each Rainforest Adventures location is an adventure park as well as a wildlife and wilderness refuges. Since 1994, the company has been combining unique rainforest adventures (such as tram rides, bobsleds and zip lines), with exceptional, multi-lingual naturalist guides, and tour excursions giving each guest an educational, adventurous, sustainable and unforgettable rainforest and destination experience.

If you want more information, give our office a call: 1-866-759-8726. Come visit us – you will love it! »

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rainforest Adventures Plays Up Leadership Team Building with Business Games

Costa Rica Team-building Games for Business Meetings

Meeting and event planners use real jungle for business adventures. It’s a jungle out there!

Our Costa Rica parks have added treasure hunts to its team building experiences for meeting planners. The Costa Rica Atlantic attraction (near Braulio Carillo National Park, Guápiles) and the Pacific park attraction near Jaco, Costa Rica now offer group incentive services for meeting planners and event coordinators in addition to the aerial tram and zip line experiences at each park.

Meeting planners and business event coordinators tell us that their clients are looking for exciting experiences for team building combined with leadership training tools. Our treasure hunts have been touted as great team building exercises, requiring groups to work together to solve puzzles and search out information while in the jungle and have even been nominated as a top meeting activity from meeting planners via the Prevue Visionary Awards!

Each team makes its way through the jungle looking for clues and solving riddles under their handmade banner. The treasure hunt is a terrific metaphor for real life business lessons. It really is a jungle out there and working together is the best way to win! Of course, our rainforest jungle classroom doesn’t have any office cubicles or excel spreadsheets, although the bird watching can be a distraction.

Treasure Hunt - Costa Rica Team-building Activity

Both the Atlantic and Pacific parks are accessible as a day trip from San José, Costa Rica; provide services in English and Spanish; and offer meal services for groups. Each park has a covered amphitheatre that can be used for presentations. The Atlantic park can accommodate overnight guests on site in eight rainforest bungalows. Eugenia Solano and her team work with meeting planners to integrate the natural setting and aerial tram and zip line experiences into leadership training curriculum.

For more information about Rainforest Adventures meeting experiences, download our Costa Rica team building games document:

Costa Rica team building document

Let the games begin!

About Rainforest Adventures

With adrenaline-inducing parks located in Costa Rica (both Pacific and Atlantic), Panama, Saint Lucia, and Jamaica, each Rainforest Adventures location serves as ecotourism attractions as well as wildlife and wilderness refuges. Since 1994, the company has been combining unique rainforest adventures (such as tram rides, bobsleds and zip lines), with exceptional, multi-lingual naturalist guides, giving each guest an educational, adventurous, sustainable and unforgettable rainforest experience. For more information, visit

CNN Appointed Us One of the Coolest Zip Lines in the World

AdrenaLUNA Zip Line at Night
Aw shucks. We were so pleased when Travel and Leisure said St. Lucia AndrenaLUNA zip line at night was one of the coolest zip lines in the world. And now CNN says so too!

On July 25, 2012, CNN picked up Sherrie Nachman’s story, reporting that our AdrenaLUNA St. Lucia zipline provides the special treat of exploring a rainforest by night . We are in the same class as a zipline that takes you over rhinos in San Diego!

The article goes on to say, ‘Zip lines have become a common feature of the Caribbean, but newcomer AdrenaLUNA provides the special treat of exploring a rainforest by night (available only three days a month around the full moon). Guests scramble up a set of floating steps, zip through the rainforest and leap from a platform with a Tarzan's vine onto a nest. When it's all over, you'll rappel back down to earth. $79.’

For the full article, go to the CNN post about the World's coolest zip lines.

We are so happy that our concept of zipping by moonlight has caught attention of zip lining and adventure fans. And if you want a special treat when planning your St. Lucia activities, remember you can save 10% by booking online.

Annika Bratt,
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

About Rainforest Adventures

Each Rainforest Adventures location is an adventure park as well as a wildlife and wilderness refuges. Since 1994, the company has been combining unique rainforest adventures (such as tram rides, bobsleds and zip lines), with exceptional, multi-lingual naturalist guides, and tour excursions giving each guest an educational, adventurous, sustainable and unforgettable rainforest and destination experience.

For more information, visit or call 1-866-759-8726.

Lit by the moon - we do it in the NIGHT! Get 10% discount on every online ticket purchase! Buy tickets now for the AdrenaLUNA zip line tour at night in St. Lucia!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Families Flock to Wildlife and Nature-inspired Outdoor Adventure Parks

Rainforest Nature Parks and Excursions
While the annual family vacation is a time-honoured tradition, many families are moving away from traditional theme park destinations and focusing on more nature-inspired outdoor adventure parks.

In 2012, the Adventure Travel News reported in their 2012 Travel Trends report that there is a trend towards soft adventure and participation in more active outdoor recreation, including hiking or viewing of wildlife.

“Our trending research has shown that family vacations with a focus on soft adventure are on the rise,” says Nicole Petrak with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). “Families want to ensure that they have active, experience-driven outdoor interactions that educate on the importance of the environment and our association with it.” For more information on the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s 2012 Travel Trends report, visit 2012 At a Glance: Travel Trends by Region ».

We are so pleased to hear the ATTA confirm what we have known for years! Families living in urban cities don’t have many opportunities to interact with wildlife and nature. They want an immersive outdoor experience, where every member of the family can learn a whole new appreciation of the magic within every rainforest. We deliver nature, in spades.

When a family visits one of our parks, our hope is that they leave with a stronger appreciation of how important rainforest preservation is!

Annika Bratt,
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Rainforest Adventures

Rainforest Adventures, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Panama, St Lucia

Some say Rainforest Adventures was the first company to show that a forest left standing will have more sustainable value than when it is cut down. Since the first park opened offering Costa Rica rainforest tours in 1994, Rainforest Adventures has created adrenaline-inducing natural parks with a strong focus education and preservation of each park's natural assets in popular tourism areas like Costa Rica (both Pacific and Atlantic), St Lucia, and Jamaica. Rainforest Adventures also has Panama tours which offer excursions and adventures.

Rainforest Aerial Tram

The company combines unique rainforest adventures such as tram rides, adventures like the Jamaica bobsled and St. Lucia zip lines with multi-lingual naturalist guides. The goal is to ensure each visit is an educational as well as adventurous rainforest experience. Every Rainforest Adventures location is also a wildlife and wilderness refuge and there is a commitment to providing jobs to local community members and reinvesting back into the local region.

We make the rainforest accessible for everybody. Book a discounted tour on the coolest destinations in Central America and the Caribbean for you to enjoy the unique rainforest excursion experience and eco adventure. Get a 10% discount on all ticket purchases if you buy tickets online now!

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