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Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Have you ever gone bobsledding? Was it in a forest? We don't think so. Rated on TripAdvisor as one of the top attractions in Ocho Rios Jamaica, come and experience the exhilarating bobsled ride down Jamaica's famed Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios. At Rainforest Adventures, we include the SkyExplorer ride, canopy zip lines, Mystic Waterslide and infinity edge pool and more for your amazing rain forest excursion. Enjoy a spectacular lunch at our restaurant overlooking the bay of Ocho Rios.

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St. Lucia Rainforest Excursions

Get an unparalleled St. Lucia vacation tour at Rainforest Adventures. Learn more about the rain forest aboard the rainforest aerial tram, combined with tranopy zip line tours for the best way to discover the rainforest. Try our famous Adreanaline and the AdrenaLUNA - the most exciting zip lines in the Caribbean. Trek through the hiking trails while you go bird watching and more!

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Costa Rica Atlantic, close to the Limon and San Jose Areas

Take a travel to Costa Rica and have a tour to Rainforest Adventures park and find great experiences and exciting attractions and things to do in Costa Rica's Atlantic side. From the first-ever aerial tram built over an expansive private nature reserve on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. Complete with exotic birds’ flight path, and thrilling zip line tours. Awardwinning bird watching attracts bird enthusiasts from all around the world.

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Costa Rica Pacific Park, close to Jaco Beach

Come travel to Costa Rica and have an exciting park excursion at Rainforest Adventures in the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Enjoy the natural wonders of our ecotourism on the most enticing of all the Costa Rica Pacific attractions and excursions. Ride the rainforest aerial tram, or for an up-close and personal adventure try our thrilling zip line tour. Marvel the wonderful species of birds with our Costa Rica bird watching tours and take a look at different species of snakes and reptiles in the Serpentarium.

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Panama Excursions - Panama Canal and City Tours

Come travel to Panama, a country where the concept of exotic begins in its name in our Indigenous language, Abundance of... fish and butterflies; and it's true, as visitors will quickly discover for themselves. Youll find an abundance of wildlife in Panamas many national parks, an abundance of white sand beaches, hundreds of islands, more banks and shops than you would have dreamed possible, the Panama Canal, the rich history of Panama City, and of course, a fantastic quantity of fresh seafood, including fish.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jamaica Bird Watching Attractions

Jamaica Hummingbird Garden
Mystic Mountain has flying jewels! Not the gem stone variety but beautiful, live color-laden gems – hummingbirds! And did you know the hummingbird is the national bird of Jamaica?

It’s no wonder that the purpose-built and specially designed hummingbird garden at Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures in Ocho Rios is an ideal bird watching attraction in Jamaica and a great place to take the time to view this speedy bird.

Things to do in Jamaica: Hummingbird Lessons!

1. Learn the difference between a Steamertail and a Vervain

Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures is home to the Jamaica Hummingbird Garden… and of the hummingbirds – at least three of cannot be found outside of Jamaica – including the Western Streamertail, Jamaica’s national bird. Endemic to Western Jamaica, this bold yellow-green and black feathered hummingbird is also known as the ‘Doctor Bird’ because the piercing motion it uses to eat nectar from flowers resembles the motion a doctor uses to give an injection.

Male Red-billed Streamertail Hummingbird
A male Streamertail Hummingbird
Also found at Mystic Mountain are Vervain Hummingbirds, also known as ‘Little Doctor Bird’, which is the second smallest bird in the world at approximately 2.5 inches in total length; and the Jamaican Mango, a shimmering black-feathered hummingbird.

Vervain Hummingbird
Vervain Hummingbird

2. Learn why a passion flower vine is a hummingbird buffet

The gardeners at Mystic Mountain specifically designed the Hummingbird Garden, incorporating plants known to attract and provide nectar for hummingbirds, creating a unique and fun experience in one of the best Jamaica attractions. You can see an unprecedented number and variety of hummingbirds in one place.

When at the park, watch for the interpretive signs that explain the history of hummingbirds and look for hummingbird-attracting plants like the fast-growing passion flower vine, with gorgeous purple blooms just the right size and shape for pollination by hummingbirds; the cigar plant, an evergreen shrub that produces small, tubular, bright red to orange flowers a favorite color of hummingbirds; and the pepper hibiscus, a tree-like plant with red flowers that do not open fully, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

And better yet, entry to the Hummingbird Garden is included in the admission price to Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Have fun learning! For more information, visit us at

Annika Bratt,
V.P. Sales and Marketing

Award Winning Adventure Parks and Cruise Shore Excursions

Rainforest Adventures Zip Line

Shout out to our award-winning teams!

Whenever our parks win awards, I like to post a blog about it. And 2012 has been particularly full of recognition, firsts and awards for all of our parks! In order to put it all in perspective, I decided to do write up all the accolades in one blog. I knew we were having an award winning year but seeing all the accolades in place, reminds me of how hard our team has been working.

Here is the run down of awards in no particular order – first our cruise line awards and then other awards and accolades our parks have won;

Our Awards from Cruise Lines

These awards are based on consistent high ratings, positive passenger comments and excellent value as rated by the passengers of Princess Cruises.

Low Volume Tour of the Season award from Princess Cruises

Embera Indian Village Tour
We are happy that cruise lines recognize the importance of keeping some tours low volume to preserve the authenticity of the experience. Our authentic Embera Native Village Tour from Panama Excursions received accolades for this really spectacular adventure that takes guests from the city into a true native experience. Panama Excursions has won this award for ten years in a row.

Guide of the Year for 2012 from Princess Cruise Lines

Panama shore tour guide, Arthur Wagner won the prestigious Guide of the Year award for 2012, and he has won it for the past three years in a row! We have been offering Panama canal zone tours for Princess Cruise lines for years and we are so pleased that they recognize the critical importance of our guiding staff.

Number one attraction in the Caribbean AND One of the top 50 attraction in the World from Princess Cruise Lines

The Mystic Mountain Jamaica Bobsled & Dunn's River Falls experiences. Come see why the Today Show and Usain Bolt all agree that of all the attractions in Jamaica, Mystic Mountain provides the best combination of fun, splashes and screams! And remember, the bobsled actually does have brakes.

Tour of the Season from Princess Cruise Lines

Rainforest Adventures park offers award winning St. Lucia tours like aerial trams, bird watching and ziplines. The park was honored to be named the Tour of the season yet again in 2012.

High Volume Tour of the Season 2010/11 from Princess Cruise Lines

The “Costa Rica Favorites” shore excursion in Puntarenas. The excursion is a combination of the tour at the Pacific Park and a boat tour at the Tarcoles River known for its massive crocodiles. The lunch is a typical Tico plate with yellow rice, black beans, grilled chicken in natural tomato sauce, steamed vegetables, sweet plantains, fresh fruit and natural juices. I am getting hungry just writing about it!

Other Awards:

Top bed and breakfast in Guápiles on TripAdvisor

Our lovely, little Costa Rica rainforest bungalows in our Atlantic park were recognized for being an affordable Costa Rican jungle stay. We love our unique hotel near San Jose, Costa Rica.

AdrenaLUNA Zip Line at Night

Coolest Zipline in the World

It’s not an official award that comes with a plaque or a presentation but we think it rates mentioning when you are called a cool zipline by Travel and Leisure. And CNN said St. Lucia AndrenaLUNA zip line at night was cool! Just wait until they try the Zip Coaster at Mexico’s Hidden Worlds!

First Costa Rican Tourism Company Certified Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Unit of the Earth

Our Costa Rica tours and excursions near Limon have not only been popular but also leaders in sustainability. We couldn’t help our smiles of pride when the Carbon Neutral certification was presented to Eugenia Solano, General Manager of Rainforest Aerial Tram in Costa Rica Atlantic and Luis Castillo Diego, Operations Manager of the Atlantic park.

Top Meeting Activity Visionary Award from Prevue meetings and incentives magazine

Our Costa Rica Atlantic Park was awarded Prevue’s 1st Annual Visionary Award in celebration of their unique meeting and leadership activity for the incentive industry. The Visionary Awards feature destination and supplier nominees from around the world chosen by Prevue’s editors. Winners are decided by the meeting and incentive planning community and the public at large.

If you want to experience our award winning nature parks, go to Rainforest Adventures on line store to book your tickets now. And let us know how much fun you had on Tripadvisor!

About Rainforest Adventures

With adrenaline-inducing parks located in Costa Rica (both Pacific and Atlantic), Panama, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, and Mexico each Rainforest Adventures location serves as ecotourism attractions as well as wildlife and wilderness refuges. Since 1994, the company has been combining unique rainforest adventures (such as tram rides, bobsleds and zip lines), with exceptional, multi-lingual naturalist guides, giving each guest an educational, adventurous, sustainable and unforgettable rainforest experience. For more information, visit

Annika Bratt,
V.P. Sales and Marketing

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mexico’s Hidden Worlds Nature Park Joins Award-Winning Rainforest Adventures

Hidden Worlds in Mexico

It’s official! Rainforest Adventures has added a new park to our family of sustainable adventure parks. We invested in Mexico’s Hidden Worlds, a popular Mexican nature park that features both incredible underground water caves and unique zipline attractions in the Mayan Riviera jungle.

Anyone looking for things to do in Cancun needs to know about Hidden Worlds.

Hidden Worlds is definitely one of the top attractions near Tulum and Playa del Carmen and a great place to explore the fascinating underground caves or cenotes from one of our zipline line adventures. The famous cenotes, Takbeha and Takbelum have been seen in many films, including "Journey into Amazing Caves" by Imax, and have been featured onnd on National Geographic.

Besides the beautiful cenotes, what makes Hidden Worlds really unique is the world’s only Zip Coaster zipline adventure. It hard to describe – it is almost like a roller coaster. It curves through the rainforest, zigging and zagging around like a roller coaster yet it is a zipline. And better yet, visitors zip in the dark of the cenote and then splash into the water. We love it and know you will too.

Hidden Worlds Aero-Cycle

Hidden Worlds is also home to the world’s only Aero-Cycle, a bicycle on a zipline powered by pedalling! It cycles through the rainforest canopy to the underground caves without working up too much of a sweat! It is a slower way to enjoy the canopy for our guests who prefer to take time to enjoy the view.

Hidden Worlds shares our commitment to educate our visitors on our natural environments in a way that is approachable and fun. We feel so proud that Hidden Worlds trusts us to bring in sustainable practices and operational expertise, which will ensure that the park will continue providing top quality experiences to guests from around the world and protect the cenotes.

We will be working with Hidden Worlds’ management to improve all aspects of operations including in-park systems and sustainability measures, an area for which we excel. More updates on the park will be on this blog and our Facebook page and Twitter feed, as it becomes available.

We are moving fast on this so you can already buy tickets from our website.

Get zipping in Mexico!

Like us on Facebook and get 10% discount on every online ticket purchase! Buy tickets for Rainforest Adventures Jamaica now!

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Award Winning and Top Things to do in Jamaica

Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica earns 2012 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence!

Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain Bobsled

We often gush about our Mystic Mountain Jamaica park and it appears you do too!

Our Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain has received a TripAdvisor ® Certificate of Excellence award for 2012.

The accolade honors hospitality excellence and is only given to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor. To put this into context, only about 10 percent of hospitality companies listed on TripAdvisor worldwide receive the Certificate of Excellence.

We congratulate the team in Jamaica for all their hard work making Mystic Mountain a leading attraction in Jamaica.

Besides the thrilling bobsled ride, the park has ziplines and the SkyExplorer aerial tram - all found in a natural rainforest environment.

Of course, anyone looking for things to do in Jamaica should also consider our custom designed hummingbird garden, home to many hummingbirds – at least three of which cannot be found outside of Jamaica – including the Western Streamertail, Jamaica’s national bird.

If you are visiting Jamaica on a cruise, a holiday or for business, and looking for memorable day tour in Jamaica, Mystic Mountain is the place for you. And we hope you will share your experience on TripAdvisor!

To book an unforgettable Jamaican rainforest adventure for all ages, visit us at

Annika Bratt,
V.P. Sales and Marketing

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