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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guides Keep St. Lucia Tours Top Rated

Tresia Lionel - tour guide for Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia excursions, attractions, nature tours, and things to do.
Top nature tours and excursions on  St. Lucia cater to eco-adventure tourism.
Tresia Lionel is a St. Lucia tour guide who loves butterflies.
It’s about people!

Rainforest Adventures has zip lines and aerial tams and all the fun things to do in St. Lucia that you would expect on vacation.

But what really think makes our parks special are our people.

We need to acknowledge while people love the adrenaline, what makes the experience truly memorable is the connection with guides who can make the connection between the place and the animals that inhabit these special places.

Guides like Tresia Lionel are the heart of the Rainforest Adventure experience. Tresia has been in the tourism business for the past ten years and has been with us at Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia for the past six years.

And people looking for a St. Lucia nature tour and enjoy the Jacquot hike need to know that Tresia loves butterflies! And she can tell you all about them!

You can hear her passion for these magnificent insects in her voice and by her body language. And she will tell you that working at the park inspired her interest in butterflies.

We have countless butterfly species at Rainforest Adventures that you can view from the St. Lucia attractions like the aerial tram.

You can find Tresia at the park where she logs butterfly data every morning. Here are some of the she comes across on a daily basis.
  • White peacock
  • Monarch
  • Caribbean buckeye
  • Orion
  • St. Lucian Mestra
Tresia will tell you that all the park staffs have something that fascinates them like St. Lucia Bird watching or lizards or snakes but it is nice to know someone is caring about the butterflies.

Annika Bratt,
V.P. Sales and Marketing

About Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia

Situated in the highland community of Chassin in Dauphin, Rainforest Adventures is a top St Lucia excursion offering visitors a unique opportunity for full immersion in the island's vibrant rainforest life. Guests can choose to amble along different St. Lucia tours, such as eavesdropping on nature's conversations along the nature trail, soaring up and away through the forest canopy on gondolas, or thrill-seeking on a zip line, gliding from platform to platform, high on the stoic trunks of the ancient sentries of the forest.


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