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Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Peak on the Culture of Mexico

The culture of Mexico of the present time can be traced back to the time when indigenous people inhabited areas of the country and the colonization of different nations. It has been said that history in Mexico is not just a trace of the past, but it continues up to the present. Mexico is indeed a place where past meets the present.

Here is a list of aspects of life that defines a true-blood Mexican.

Roman Catholicism

Mexicans have established their own religious affiliations even before the colonization of Spain, but since then, the country embraced Catholicism as their spiritual orientation. In fact, the Catholic Church has been one of the most powerful institutions in the life of Mexicans. On the other hand, Mexican Catholicism is considered to be syncretic. There is a mixture of traditional Catholicism and indigenous rituals, considered to be polytheistic by foreign visitors. The Mexicans hold a strong worship of the saints and the Virgin Mary. The Virgin of Guadalupe, the nation’s saint is considered to be a national emblem and as important as the Mexican Flag.

Sophisticated Culinary Culture

Cuisine is a mixture of pre-Hispanic and European influences. Corn is the staple food, and is considered sacred by the indigenous people as the Maya and the Aztecs. This food is also prepared by all means, in all possible forms.

In Mexican cooking, three ingredients stand out: hot peppers or spicy chiles, corn and beans. The most important meal for the day is served between two to four in the afternoon locally known as the comida, commonly composed of three to four courses. There are also custom foods for every ceremonial occasion in Mexico. For example, during November 2 when they celebrate the day of the dead, they consume pan de muerto or the bread of the dead. At Christmas, the common delicacies served are romeritos, bacalao, and stuffed turkey.

The Mexican Etiquette

The way how Mexicans deal with each other in daily life is strongly informed by the culture of distance and hierarchies in the society. Generally, Mexicans shake hands or kiss on the cheek when they meet. As in the case of close contacts and special occasions, they embrace each other, tap on the back and shake hands. This culture symbolizes confidentiality and the value of trust.

Strong Valuing on Eloquence

They typically began with polite and indirect approaches in conversations before coming up to the main topic. They are indirect speakers and avoid the use of clear-cut statements.


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