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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Challenge Gravity with Waterfall Climbing Tour in Costa Rica

Climbing walls is a great activity, but waterfalls are much better! The new Waterfall Climbing Tour at Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific takes guests up a tropical waterfall.

Rock climbing continues to grow in popularity in North America. The United States Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Trends report indicated that between 1999 and 2009, rock climbing participants increased by 9.5 per cent, to more than 10M climbers annually. With the growing popularity of rock climbing, challenges such as waterfall climbs are drawing more participants to unique locations.

To reach the zip line on the top of the waterfall, you have to climb it yourself with just a safety harness!
After a short 400 metre walk through the rainforest with a naturalist, guests arrive at the site of the Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific waterfall climb. The climb is approximately 50 metres of vertical, which is followed by two ziplines down to a hanging platform. To descend from the platform guests will perform a 25 metre free-fall rappel.

“We’re so excited to be launching this new attraction at our Costa Rica Pacific park,” says Annika Bratt, vice president of sales for Rainforest Adventures. “Our local staff members know this area so well. They’re ecstatic that they will be able to take guests right into one of nature’s most dramatic attractions.”

Dedicated to ecotourism, the team at Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific has constructed this attraction with minimal environmental impact and uses it to showcase the natural beauty of the rainforest and watershed. The Waterfall Climb means that the only way to the top of the zip line is human power – no vehicles allowed!

After climbing the waterfall and zip lining to the next platform, you have to rappel down.
The waterfall climbing tour is available at 9 a.m. and noon. Transportation from San Jose is also available (for a minimum of six people). The tour includes a visit to the Serpentarium (snake museum).

At Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific, visitors have numerous opportunities to explore the surrounding rainforest by boarding an aerial tram, strapping into a zipline harness, exploring the Serpentarium, grabbing binoculars for bird watching or heading out on an organized adventure, such as the family tour or the transportation tour.

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