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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hidden Worlds to Complete Cenote Sustainability Upgrade and Improvement

Cenote (underwater cave) at Hidden Worlds, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

It's sustainable in the cenote! Rainforest Adventures Hidden Worlds in Riviera Maya Mexico (located north of Tulum and south of Cancun and Playa del Carmen) is ready to unveil substantial sustainability upgrades that focus on improving both the guest experience and the park’s environmental impact.

Improvements began in early 2013 and are expected to be completed by mid-December, in time for the busy winter season. Ranging from the dining spaces to the ziplines, six months of work went into the park to further improve the sustainable adventure park.

“Rainforest Adventures Hidden Worlds Mexico is a gem on the Yucatan, providing guests with a sustainable adventure experience, complete with natural, not man-made cenotes,” says Annika Bratt, director of sales for Rainforest Adventures. “The park improvements, both visible and behind the scenes, will improve the experience for guests along with the natural environment.”

The surroundings of Tak Be Ha, the park’s natural cenote (Mexican term for “underwater caves”) reserved solely for snorkeling guests, has received a complete overhaul. The road, parking and jungle surrounding the cenote have all been upgraded to ensure that the pristine underground spring stays as clean as possible.

Hidden Worlds Jungle Zip Line in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Two of the park’s zip lines have been improved – focusing on quality and safety – using Petzl equipment. This class-leading equipment is used worldwide by some of the best mountaineers and climbers, along with rescue professionals.

The Jungle Diner, Hidden World’s main dining facility, has been upgraded with a new Palapa roof, benches and tables, and lighting. These upgrades, along with a new selection of food options will help ensure that guests visiting the park keep their energy levels high between adventure experiences.

For the further comfort of guests, the park’s main washroom facilities have been upgraded with new fixtures, using low-flow technology. Hidden Worlds has also brought the on-site photo experience in house, ensuring that all guests receive the highest quality photographs of their adventures during their visit.

Hidden Worlds Aero-Cycle

Planned future improvements include the park’s Aero-Cycle, a bicycle suspended on a zipline and powered by pedalling through the rainforest canopy. Additional road works throughout the park will also be improved to match the Tak Be Had road upgrades.

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