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Friday, January 31, 2014

Salute to the Staffs of Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain Jamaica

Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica
“It is not every day that you find an establishment with this many good employees who really do live to serve the customers.”

Good deeds are golden. And genuine concern for valued customers is a thing must sought out in businesses. This is a story of a customer, Linda, at Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain Jamaica and her amazing experience at the park.

She went on a tour aboard the Bobsled on the 20th of January 2014. Since she had to leave her possessions including purses and bags, as per park policy, when riding the bobsled, she has nowhere to put her phone at that time to take photos. Thus, she had her phone in between her legs upon boarding the bobsled. During the ride and after taking some photos, she held her phone tight between her legs. But on one of the turns, it slipped, and she was honestly distraught and never thought she would see her phone again.

As she had stated, the phone could be replaced. But we can agree that it was all the photos from the entire trip that were irreplaceable. Thus, during that time, it was the worst feeling to know that the photos could never be recreated again.

But, as she had told the staff of Mystic Mountain Bobsled, Linda was amazed at the concern they had shown for one person – even going through great lengths in order to help her find her lost phone. The staffs, including the manager, went to scale the whole course of the bobsled rails several times to search for the phone. Many people also came to help, to Linda’s shock. There were five guys who were talking to her. There were others who were searching while the others were helping to calm her down. And there was also a nice girl staff that also helped to look as well.

Then it came down to the moment that Linda had accepted that her phone was lost, but the staffs at Mystic Mountain offered to help recreate some of the pictures. They let Linda and her friends sit in the bobsled again to take the pictures. There were some dancers who heard about the commotion, and also helped take pictures.

The managers and the entire team of Mystic Mountain staffs were so determined and optimistic that the phone will be found. They even kept telling Linda that “in Jamaica, there are no problems, just situations.” And after some time scouring the grounds and the bobsled tracks, they had found the lost phone, and she was very grateful to have her phone back.

This concern and dedication by the staffs towards the customer helped Linda to restore her faith in humanity. Here are some of the exact words that Linda had stated in her testimonial:

“I did not realize how rough the ride would be to have the phone fly. I am beyond grateful to your staff in Jamaica for doing that. They spent a lot of time and I am sure it was miserable crawling along the trail to find it. I asked to come but they said it was against policy. In all cases they did not have to do this, you are not liable for our lost items but they went above and beyond. There are no words that I have to thank your team.

“One thing they do in the US is to have small mesh pouches inside the ride to place all lose items. I usually bring a purse or backpack but this time was told to leave everything on the bus... So I had no place to put lose items. I think having that pocket will help a lot and also save your team from having this happen.

“I am so happy to have my phone back. I am forever grateful, but I felt so bad that they had to scour the grounds. I would never want them to have to do that again.

“I would like to know if possible the person or team who found my phone to send them a proper thank you and gift.

“I did not get to go personally thank them because we met at the bottom of the hill... But the workers went on the trail in the rain to search for it.

“I would like the management to know that I would recommend this place to everyone and I am sharing this story with as many people as possible to bring more business. It is not every day that you find an establishment with this many good employees who really do live to serve the customers.

“If there is any way to find out who helped search for my phone I would like to email them directly and also send a gift as a small token of my gratitude.”

Here are some of the photos that are recreated with the help of the team:

Also check out her blog post on Live, Love, Laugh and Shop about her bobsledding experience at Mystic Mountain: “How to lose a phone... On a bobsled


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